The new Alfa Italia Lustro Grande titanium wide plate styler offers smooth, effortless styling for longer, featuring infra red beam technology nestled into the sleek titanium plates, carrying heat deeper into the hair, so that moisture is maintained throughout. Titanium is the perfect material for delivering heat into the hair and maintaining smoothness, eliminating dragging and friction to the hair. These stylers glide effortlessly throughout. Compared to ceramic plates, titanium heats up faster and holds the heat consistently. Because it is naturally iconic this means no flyaway hairs or frizz.


The Lustro Grande has plates that are longer and wider meaning faster styling and the MCH heating element features immediate heat recovery from 90 to 230 degrees to guarantee one pass styling for the thickest coarse hair, whilst being gentle enough for fine and delicate hair. The ION generating projector streams millions of cuticle sealing negative ions into the hair with every pass, locking in smoothness and shine whilst keeping the hair free of frizz for longer. Lustro's soft close hinge and light weight titanium components mean effortless styling whilst the long 360 swivel cord avoids tangles.




* Titanium plates for smoother frizz free hair for longer

* Infra-red technology to lock in moisture

* Immediate heat recovery from 90C to 230C

* ION-generating projector to seal the cuticle

* Ergonomic shape and ultra light weight

* Extra wide plates to cover more hair in one pass

* Perfect irons for a professional finish.